PHOTO:  Doug, Larry, Dianne, and Don Brossart with Recognition Plaque
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Spartan Construction Celebrates 40th Anniversary

(Burlington, KY – December 27, 2022)  Spartan Construction of Burlington, Kentucky, is celebrating 40-years of business.  The construction company is headed by Dianne Brossart, of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, and employs 30 people who contribute to safe, durable infrastructure in more than a dozen states.  The family business supports connectivity and community through roadway and airport projects, utility and conduit jobs, and even work on race tracks!

“Spartan has always been a ground breaker – literally and figuratively!” said Dianne Brossart, President of Spartan Construction.  “Our approach is the same now as when we started,” she said.  “Spartan works to innovate, create, and safely complete and inspect projects that connect people and places.”

Forty years ago, Dianne was a pioneer in the construction industry as leader of a highway contracting company.  Even today, only 14% of construction executives in the United States are women, according to Darcy Associates. 

Spartan has decades of top achievements to celebrate.  In 1998, Spartan was recognized as one of the nation’s top 300 federal highway contractors.  In 1999, Construction Digest recognized Spartan for its success as part of the team which reconstructed Kentucky Route 9 ten months ahead of schedule transforming the landslide prone road into a stable five lane highway.

“This anniversary is really a celebration of our team,” said Brossart.  “Spartan’s talented and dedicated people meet challenges with progress helping advance the entire industry,” she said.  Through the years, Spartan employees contributed to modernization of regulations used by Departments of Transportation nationwide, from drainage to inspections.  Spartan team members are active in safety efforts like Kentucky 811.

“As we move forward, Spartan is innovating in trenchless services and the use of cutting edge and environmentally safe materials and processes in everything from roads to pipes,” she said.  Among today’s projects – Spartan is hard at work at international and regional airports in Indiana and Kentucky to aid and support logistics progress for the entire nation.

Spartan has two Northern Kentucky locations and a regional office in South Carolina.

About Spartan Construction
Spartan Construction was founded in 1982 in Burlington, Kentucky.  Today Spartan performs an array of utility, drainage, and specialized services related to roadways, infrastructure, waterways, and unique locations across Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  Spartan works across the Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic installing underdrain and duct banks and rehabilitating, designing, and inspecting storm and culvert pipes.