Spartan Construction professionally executes a wide range of services including utilities, underdrain, no dig and trenchless services, mixing on site concrete, custom trenching and roadway patch, placing temporary barrier walls, and more.  Click each service below for more details and contact Spartan at with your needs.


We have provided services to more than a dozen state Departments of Transportation in the Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic.  Spartan works on interstates, highways, parkways, roads, and more.  We have installed more than 60-million feet of underdrain and have participated in the design, construction, and the advancement of these drainage systems.

Spartan specializes in subsurface and pavement drainage systems for airports (as well as utility and ductbank work).  Spartan works at regional airports, like the Gallatin County, Kentucky, and Cleveland, Tennessee, airports, as well as at international airports including the Greater Cincinnati International Airport and the Atlanta International Airport.  Our team also completed projects for the military airports in Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. 

Spartan is headquartered in Kentucky so we love fast horses and fast cars and we work around both!  Our team enjoys contributing to the useability and safety of tracks having completed successful projects at the Kentucky Speedway, Bluegrass Motor Sports, and the Keeneland and Turfway Park horse racing tracks.

Spartan was among the first contractors to use cameras to assess underdrain systems.  This assessment, evaluation, and reporting continues today to allow entities to most effectively and efficiently rehabilitate the underdrain by deciding on a path to clean, repair, or replace the underdrain.  Our professionals assist Departments of Transportation in developing new construction specifications to ensure the integrity of underdrain systems. 


Spartan installs, repairs, and replaces water pipes and structures, including water meter pits in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

Spartan installs, repairs, replaces, cleans, and inspects sanitary and storm pipes in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Spartan installs ducts for fiber optic and lighting systems and multi-conduit ductbanks used for electrical and communications.  Spartan builds and installs utility manholes and structures.  Our professionals will travel to the Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic to help meet these 21st century needs.


The ruinous failures of roadways and flood control systems often are the result of improperly installed and/or poorly maintained drainage systems.  Spartan professionals have nearly 100-years of collective inspection service experience.  Spartan has a long record of successful quality control and insurance inspections for highway edgedrains, stormdrains, crossdrains, culverts, sanitary sewer, dam drainage structures and more.  For major road projects, an inspection expense is generally less than 1% of the total project cost and that quality assurance investment will be returned to you many times over!  If needed, Spartan can even work with you to develop specifications.   

Pipe jetting uses special tools to push highly pressurized water through a pipe system to break up and remove problematic buildup.  Pipe jetting offers the advantage of being a chemical free, safe, long lasting, and quick process.   

A well done inspection process provides the data needed to determine of rehabilitation is needed and what methods may best serve the needs.  Pipe relining is one way to repair cracked or broken pipes from the inside, without digging!  A new, tough pipe is created inside the existing damaged one, promoting better flow and sealing off cracks.  Spartan is a cutting edge leader pipe lining and other options that may help avoid digging, certain environmental impacts, traffic rerouting, business interruptions, and other costs.

Hydro excavation uses pressurized water to create a dirt slurry which is vacuumed out to reveal the deeper layers of earth.  This non-mechanical dig method results in a more accurate and precise job and can minimize the risk of tears or breaks to pipes and utilities, lessen traffic congestion, and reduce or eliminate environmental impact.  Hydro excavation systems may be applied to construction, repair, rehabilitation, or inspection.  

MIX ON SITE CONCRETE (Volumetric Mixers)

Spartan’s mobile concrete mixer allows precision, short run mixing at the job site to the exact mix needed.  Spartan professionals batch, measure, mix and dispense from one unit providing flexibility and precision to finish the job exactly to specification. 

A self compacting, economical fill or backfill alternative that self levels and hardens into a strong, weight bearing material.  Applications include, but are not limited to, bedding and backfill for utility trenches, paving subbase, bridge abutment, and as a void filling application for sewers or underground structures.  Flowable fill mixtures are usually combinations of cement, water, fine aggregate, and fly ash or slag.

Cellular grout, also called cellular concrete, is a safe and proven alternative to grouting.  Cellular grout is a cement flurry of cement and foaming agent to fill areas needing low density, lightweight and highly flowable material.  The “cellular” in cellular grout refers to the preformed cellular concrete foam used to generate the material (instead of sand and stone aggregate) resulting in uniformly-distributed air bubbles. Spartan does this through specialized tools combined with its truck batching.

Lightweight concrete is a structural concrete mixture made with lightweight coarse aggregates such as shale, clay, or slate, which give it its characteristic low density yet yields a higher compressive strength. 


A variety of custom trenching services are among Spartan’s specialties.  Spartan performs rock trenching, pavement and rock sawing, road patch, and more.  Contact Spartan with your unique and specialty needs.  


As part of essential safety services, Spartan transports and places temporary barrier wall in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.